Gulmarg Gondola Project

Gulmarg Gondola Project is a fully imported system installed by Pomagalski of France. The system installed is a detachable Gondola System with

Phase-I running from Gulmarg to Kangdori having a horizontal length of 2091 mtrs and a maximum passenger carrying capacity of 1500 PPH with 72 cabins installed

Phase-II runs from Kangdori to Apharwat having a horizontal length of 2539.99 mtrs. with a maximum passenger carrying capacity of 600 PPH respectively with 34 cabins installed.

Kongdori Chair Lift running from Kongdori to Marry-Shoulder

In order to promote winter tourism at Gulmarg, the Corporation has installed four seater fixed grip Chairlift from Kongdori to Marryshoulder and has 90 chairs with a length of 1650(1.65 KM) meters with vertical rise of 498 meters & having 16 towers has been completed within a span of 12 working months at a total cost of Rs.18.00 crores with a fund sharing of Rs. 4.25 crores, 2.00 crores and Rs. 11.75 crores respectively by State Government, Govt. of India (funds received through GDA) and the Cable Car Corporation.

The chairlift is a fully imported one installed by Pomagalski of France and having a maximum capacity of about 1000 passengers/skiers per hour. It is also having feature of varied speed from 1.5 meter (for summer tourists) and 2.5 meters for skiers. The Project has been commissioned for operation since September, 2011. In house engineering team has been trained to handle the lift.

Makhdoom Sahib Ropeway Project at Srinagar

In order to promote pilgrimage tourism in the State, the Corporation has installed passenger ropeway at Makhdoom Sahib.

The Makhdoom Sahib Ropeway was inaugurated on 23rd December, 2013 and is operational since then. The project is an Indigenous jigback system with two cluster one on each side having four cabins in each cluster with a passenger carrying capacity of 262 PPH.

Pahalgam Ski Lift, Pahalgam

Jammu Ropeway Project (Bahu to Mahamaya phase)

Section-I: Peerkho to Mahamaya Park : Length=(1.184) Kms. = 1184 Mts.

Section-II: Mahamaya Park to Bahu : Length=(0.485) Kms = 485 Mts.

Total length of Section(I) & Section (II) = 1.669 Kms=1669Mts

Total Project Cost = 7500.00 Lacs ( including infrastructure Developmental Works)